Online art resources:

A homegrown crafty kids website!  

and this one!

Check out the NGAkids Art Zone for iPad from the App Store. 


The Met made for, and by, kids!

The Artful Parent 

A rabbit hole of ideas!

Babble Dabble Do

So many things to do here!


Play with digital patterns! There are many templates to choose from; the areas within these can be filled with either solid color or a range of patterns. The patterns can also be reconfigured by adjusting the colors.


Children can experiment to their heart's content. There's a range of interesting tools, and the best way to discover what they can do is to simply try them. Click one of the icons at the bottom of the screen, then move and click your mouse to make a cool abstract composition. 

Aminahs World

One great thing about websites that allow us to explore and play with art is that we may be encouraged to go on from there to try a similar activity in real life. Aminah's World is a website presented by the Columbus Museum of Art. Here kids can choose a digital background then build a collage by layering kente cloth and other fabric scraps, found objects, shells, and yarn. Objects can be moved and re-sized, and the result printed out.

Toy Theater

The art activities there include building with colored blocks, doodling, designing, animation, and a glimpse into processes like Matisse's painting and Japanese wood block prints.


Google Arts and Culture 

BoradwayHD has a free 7 day trial 

A new YouTube Channel, The Show Must Go On, will stream Andrew Lloyd Webber's works for free.

Michaels offers curbside pickup, Colorest in Shrewsbury does as well. Blick Art, Utrecht  and Jerry's Artarama will deliver to your doorstep!

please email us any additional suggestions and we're happy to share!